Frankie Laine with Carl Fischer
Frankie Laine
Frankie Laine (March 30, 1913 – February
6, 2007), born Francesco Paolo LoVecchio,
was a successful American singer,
songwriter, and actor whose career spanned
75 years, from his first concerts in 1930 with
a marathon dance company to his final
performance of "That's My Desire" in 2005.
Often billed as America's Number One Song
Stylist, his other nicknames include Mr.
Rhythm, Old Leather Lungs, and Mr. Steel
Tonsils. His hits included "That's My Desire",
"That Lucky Old Sun", "Mule Train", "Cry of
the Wild Goose" "Jezebel", "High Noon", "I
Believe", "Hey Joe!", "The Kid's Last Fight",
"Cool Water", "Moonlight Gambler," "Love Is
a Golden Ring," "Rawhide", and "Lord, You
Gave Me a Mountain."
He sang well-known theme songs for many
movie Western soundtracks, including 3:10
To Yuma, Gunfight at the O.K. Corral, and
Blazing Saddles, although he was not a
country & western singer. Laine sang an
eclectic variety of song styles and genres,
stretching from big band crooning to pop,
western-themed songs, gospel, rock, folk,
jazz, and blues. He did not sing the
soundtrack song for High Noon, which was
sung by Tex Ritter, but his own version (with
somewhat altered lyrics, omitting the name
of the antagonist, Frank Miller) was the one
that became a bigger hit, nor did he sing the
theme to another show he is commonly
associated with—Champion the Wonder
Horse (sung by Mike Stewart)—but released
his own, subsequently more popular version.
Laine's enduring popularity was illustrated in
June 2011, when a TV-advertised
compilation called Hits reached No. 16 on
the British chart. The accomplishment was
achieved nearly 60 years after his debut on
the UK chart, 64 years after his first major U.
S. hit and four years after his death
Wikipedia Artist Biography - Frankie Laine

Carl T. Fischer (1912 - March 27,
1954) was a Native American jazz pianist
and composer. He worked with Frankie
Laine, and composed Laine's 1945 hit song,
"We'll Be Together Again".
Fischer's parents, of Cherokee lineage,
overcame poverty to provide him with music
lessons.[1] At the age of 32, Fischer joined
a touring band and wrote some minor hits,
which led to his work as an accompianist for
Laine.[1] With Laine's encouragement,
Fischer wrote the musical, Tecumseh!,
although it was never performed before
Fischer's death.
Wikipedia Artist Biography - Carl Fischer
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