The Dukes of Dixieland is a New Orleans
"Dixieland"-style revival band, originally
formed in 1948 by brothers Frank Assunto,
trumpet; Fred Assunto, trombone; and their
father Papa Jac Assunto, trombone and
banjo. Their first records featured Jack
Maheu, clarinet; Stanley Mendelsohn, piano;
Tommy Rundell, drums; and Barney Mallon,
tuba and string bass. During its run the band
also featured musicians such as jazz great
clarinetist Pete Fountain, Jerry Fuller, Jim
Hall, Herb Ellis, and Bob "Duke" Assunto
Fred and Frank Assunto both died young,
and the original Dukes of Dixieland
disbanded in the early 1970s. In April 1974,
Producer/Manager John Shoup restarted the
DUKES of Dixieland with Connie Jones as
leader, leased Louis Prima's nightclub atop
the Monteleone Hotel in the French Quarter
and renamed it "DUKE'S PLACE." The
DUKES of Dixieland have not been affiliated
with the Assunto Family since 1974, some 37
years ago.

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