The thrilling discovery that there was a vast repertoire of Big Band music which had never been released to the public, led to
    the formation of Hindsight Records.

    When Wally Heider, a producer for the company, learned that the Big Bands had made recordings specifically for use on
    radio broadcast only-and that these recordings had never been commercially released-he made it his business to track them
    down. It took him years, as part of his quest included getting permission from the band leaders or their heirs to release the
    recordings, he finally amassed a superb collection. He then set forth to work faithfully transferring these one of a kind originals
    to records and cassette tapes of the highest quality,using state-of-the-art equipment. What you hear on these records is not a
    re-creation of the original. It is the original, the real thing.

    Heider went further. He contacted the leading music historians of the day, men like George Simon,
    Brad McCuen, and Irving Townsend, and commissioned them to write the brilliant, in depth liner notes you’ll find within each
    Hindsight is proud to offer this unique collection that not only captures the spirit and feel of the Golden Age during which these
    recordings were made, but are, in every sense of the word, true collector’s items.
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